The Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers’ Association (E.G.V.E.), founded in 1954, is both a professional and a scientific representative of all Physical Education aspects in Greece and it attributes to more than 9.000 members. It is the only official bearer of education and information for the Physical Education graduates in Macedonia and Thrace, extending its activities all over Greece and Cyprus.
During the last 20 years it has developed multifaceted activities, contributing to the growth of Physical Education and Sports’ image in Greece. It has assisted significantly to the scientific evolution and growth of both by holding, successfully, scientific events such as international and national congresses, symposiums and seminars on up to the edge athletic topics (18 international and national congresses, 15 symposiums, one European Congress for Fighting Doping in Sports [T.R.E.A.D. action of the E.U.’s Directorate General for Education and Culture], 4 national congresses on aerobics and numerous seminars).
The Association’s activities include –but do not limit to- the promotion of professional and scientific issues of its members, the organization of educational and festive events, as well as active participation in events with intense social character such as the battle against drug use and doping in sports and physical education and sport for the challenged ones.
E.G.V.E. is the editor and owner of the first journal on physical education and sports in Greece (“Hellenic Journal on Physical Education and Sport”, ISSN: 106-4196) -the only one published consistently on an annual quarterly sequence in the country. Additionally, a newsletter (“Physical Education and Sport”) is published quarterly and distributed free of charge to all its 9.000+ members and selected recipients all over Greece and Cyprus. Its website ( provides up to the hour information on Physical Education and Sport to the thousands of visitors per year.
E.G.V.E.’s compatibility to current social and athletic trends in Greece and globally, has earned the permanent parallel collaboration of the academic community and thus it has contributed decisively to the scientific configuration of Physical Education and Sport in Greece. The various Departments of Physical Education and Sport Science of Greek Universities, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the Ministry of Macedonia and Thrace, the Ministry of Sport, the General Secretariat of Sport, the National Olympic Committee and the Foundation for Olympic Education are some among those public and private organizations and foundations that E.G.V.E. cooperates with in great success for decades.