W4AL – «Walk for all for life» ERASMUS+ SPORT PROGRAMME

(Project Number 603292-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-SPO-SCP)

The W4AL – Walking FOR All Life partnership (IT, DE, GR, ES, DK), according with the HEPA Guidelines and the Council Recommendation on health – enhancing physical activity, aims at promoting healthier Individual lifestyles in adolescents and youth (chiefly those aged 14-25 years old) with specific attention to VET trainees. INDIVIDUALITY here mainly means RESPONSIBILITY of the individual to adopt behaviors and habits that are more respectful of themselves today but also in the future; In fact educational/training activities proposed by school and VET providers must not exhaust the proposal for a regular physical activity.

For this reason, the focus of the project will be WALKING: an activity accessible to and suitable for everyone regardless of the “physical condition”, not intended here only as “performance” rather as the ability of interaction between disabled and non-disabled walkers on equal basis, inclusion… that also here means “cross cutting”: openness to other segments of the population, with zero or very low economic impact, which can be done in different environmental contexts (from city to mountain), etc.

An activity that contains a multiplicity of “other values”: i.e., commitment, progressively more challenging training to reach a goal; preparation (including the right diet, study of the path, etc.) the possibility of discovering what is around us and often not “seeing” which can make us visible to citizenship and be open to it, etc.

To the Group of youngsters will be proposed different type of walking routes with different level of difficulties and skills to learn: technical sport skills and cultural environment skills. For Supporting the activities will provide an Application, available for Smartphone’s and tablet, created ad hoc.


Pn Organisation City Country Role
1 CSI Centro Sportivo Italiano Roma IT Applicant
2 SCF Scuola Centrale di Formazione Bologna IT Partner
3 Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers Association (EGVE) Thessaloniki GR Partner
4 Gemeralitat de Catalunya- Department of Education Barcelona DE Partner
5 Gemeralitat de Catalunya- ConsellCatala de l’ Esport Barcelona ES Partner
6 Inter College Aalborg ES Partner
7 CJD Frechen DK Partner

Newsletter 05/2019

22nd International Congress of Physical Education and Sport Science

TOPICS OF THE CONGRESS: The Congress presents: Key Notes-Round Tables, 11 Specialized Seminars (four of which will be presented free of charge to all participants), Paper Presentations (oral, posters, short and full papers) in the spectrum of Sports’ Science and Workshops. Certificate of Attendance will be granted to all participants of the Congress. Separate Attendance Certificates will be issued for each Seminar’s attendance. Sessions on the following topics will be included: Sport Psychology, Sport Management & Marketing, Gym Management and Health products, Sport Nutrition, Exercise and Nutrition, Sport Medicine, Exercise and Heath, topics on Ergophysiology, Biokinetics, Biomechanics, Biochemistry, Physiology and applied practices, general and specific topics on Sport Training, Modern Technology in Physical Education and Sports, Graduate Studies in Greece and abroad, Sport Sociology, Employment Rights of the Departments’ of Physical Education and Sport Science graduates, Supportive Sciences of Physical Education and Sports.


  1. The abstract of all scientific papers (oral, posters, short papers and full papers) should be mailed to E.G.V.E.’s offices address (Proxenu Koromila 51, GR-546 22 THESSALONIKI, GREECE – tel.: +30 2310 282512) or e-mailed to E.G.V.E.’s e-mail addresses (info@egve.gr) as attachment in Word, by March 29, 2019 and will be accepted upon approval by the Scientific Committee.In case of e-submittance the paper must be accompanied by the Participation Application-Submittance of scientific paper Form which can be downloaded from E.G.V.E.’s site (www.egve.gr), along with submittance instructions on paper’s abstract. All papers will be sent for approval by the Scientific Committee of the Congress only after the author or the authors have been enrolled and fully paid the enrollment fee. In case of rejection of the paper the enrollment fee is not refundable. In this case a revised abstract can be resubmitted with no extra charge as long as it is submitted by the due date of paper submission. Furthermore, in case of paper rejection, the paid submittance fee can by used by the author or the authors as attendance fee on the Congress or for the submittance of a another new paper abstract, as long as the due date is still on. Kindly note that all accepted papers (oral, short and full papers) must be presented and all posters must be posted on and presented to the participants and a special Committee formed by members of the Scientific and Organizing Committees. The Congress’s Program and Papers volume does not constitute proof of the paper’s presentation. The paper’s submittance fee varies whether there is one or more authors – info is provided on the Participation Application Form. Every fee paid corresponds to a single paper. In case of multiple paper submittances equal number of fees must be paid. Prerequirements and formation instructions on a Full or a Short paper submittance follow the ones of E.G.V.E.’s Scientific Journal and can be found either in E.G.V.E.’s site –www.egve.gr– or in E.G.V.E.’s Scientific Journal site – www.hellenicjsport.com. In brief, authors should follow the APA4 and on protocol. Full papers should not exceed 8 typed pages (single space, 10 cpi, Arial) and Short papers 3 typed pages (single space, 10 cpi, Arial).
  2. Posters will be posted on Congress’s Secretariat on Saturday 13/04/2019, 10:00 to 11:00 and will remain posted till 19:00. They will be presented to the participants and a special Committee formed by members of the Scientific and Organizing Committees, in the same day 14:00 to 17:00 within the frame of 5 minutes each.
  3. Short and Full papers approved by the Scientific Committee and paid in full, will be published in full in the Congress’s Program and Papers volume which will be the no 1/2019 edition of E.G.V.E.’s Scientific Journal. The above will be presented either in a Special Session or in an Oral presentation Session of related topic and will be given 20 minutes of presentation. The fee for every Short paper is 70 € and for every Full paper 100€. These papers should be submitted to E.G.V.E.’s secretarial along with the rest by 29/03/2019.
  4. The abstracts of all Scientific Presentations (oral and posters) will be published in the Congress’s Program volume that will be handed before the commencement of the Congress.
  5. The fellow members who wish to economically update their membership (sustained membership if all yearly fees are paid including 2019 fiscal year) may address E.G.V.E.’s Secretariat for further information their membership account. New members should mail a photocopy of their degree along with personal details (full name, address, contact numbers, e-mail year of graduation, specialty chosen) and the fee for membership, in order to obtain the special prices for the Congress’s Admittance.
  6. Enrollment to the Congress, application for E.G.V.E.’s membership and economic update of older members can also be arranged at the Hall of the Congress. The Secretariat of the Congress will open at 09:00 on Friday 12/04/2019. Participation Application Forms can be submitted throughout the Congress’s dates (Friday 12/04 till Sunday 14/04/2019).
  7. The Secretariat of the Congress will open on location at 09:00 on Friday 12/04/2019.
  8. The admittance fee includes: participation of the Congress, Attendance Certificate, participation in all Social Events and Congress material.
  9. Attendance is offered to all and every participant of the Congress in all paper presentations.
  10. Certificate of Attendance will be granted to all participants of the Congress. Separate Attendance Certificates will be issued for each Seminar’s attendance.
  11. As in all previous E.G.V.E.’s Congresses, all the required actions will be taken to obtain permission of attendance from the Ministry of Education for all Physical Education Teachers of all grades on Friday 12/04/2019.
  12. For further info you can call E.G.V.E.’s Secretariat (+30 2310 282512) or e-mail us or visit our Offices, daily (except weekends), 17:30 to 21:30.


  1. The abstract must be typed in single space, Microsoft Word 97 and on, 10 cpi, Arial.
  2. Write the title in CAPS, the names of the authors, Institution or Department in which the research was contacted, address and city all in small fonts, leave a single space and continue writing the content of the abstract in one single paragraph up to 250 words.
  3. The title of the abstract must be brief (no more than 15 words), avoiding phrases and words difficult to understand.
  4. Mention brief the purpose of the study, the methodology, the results and the conclusions. Abstracts failing to present results and conclusions will be rejected as not complete.
  5. If you choose to mail or personally submit to E.G.V.E.’s Offices you must submit a cd with the abstract’s file otherwise the paper will not be send to the Scientific Committee for ruling. The abstract can be submitted as attachment in Word to E.G.V.E.’s e-mails (info@egve.gr). In this case a filled out Participation Application-Submittance of scientific paper form must be signed in (can be found in E.G.V.E.’s site www.egve.gr). In case of post or internet submittance a copy of the fee’s receipt in Hellenic Post Office should be send along.
  6. In Oral presentations the presentation time is 10 minutes and PC presentation is available.
  7. The dimensions of Posters are: 0,80m wide x 1,00m height.
  8. All submitted papers will be evaluated anonymously by the Scientific Committee of the Congress.