W4AL – «Walk for all for life» ERASMUS+ SPORT PROGRAMME

(Project Number 603292-EPP-1-2018-1-IT-SPO-SCP)

The W4AL – Walking FOR All Life partnership (IT, DE, GR, ES, DK), according with the HEPA Guidelines and the Council Recommendation on health – enhancing physical activity, aims at promoting healthier Individual lifestyles in adolescents and youth (chiefly those aged 14-25 years old) with specific attention to VET trainees. INDIVIDUALITY here mainly means RESPONSIBILITY of the individual to adopt behaviors and habits that are more respectful of themselves today but also in the future; In fact educational/training activities proposed by school and VET providers must not exhaust the proposal for a regular physical activity.

For this reason, the focus of the project will be WALKING: an activity accessible to and suitable for everyone regardless of the “physical condition”, not intended here only as “performance” rather as the ability of interaction between disabled and non-disabled walkers on equal basis, inclusion… that also here means “cross cutting”: openness to other segments of the population, with zero or very low economic impact, which can be done in different environmental contexts (from city to mountain), etc.

An activity that contains a multiplicity of “other values”: i.e., commitment, progressively more challenging training to reach a goal; preparation (including the right diet, study of the path, etc.) the possibility of discovering what is around us and often not “seeing” which can make us visible to citizenship and be open to it, etc.

To the Group of youngsters will be proposed different type of walking routes with different level of difficulties and skills to learn: technical sport skills and cultural environment skills. For Supporting the activities will provide an Application, available for Smartphone’s and tablet, created ad hoc.


Pn Organisation City Country Role
1 CSI Centro Sportivo Italiano Roma IT Applicant
2 SCF Scuola Centrale di Formazione Bologna IT Partner
3 Northern Greece Physical Education Teachers Association (EGVE) Thessaloniki GR Partner
4 Gemeralitat de Catalunya- Department of Education Barcelona DE Partner
5 Gemeralitat de Catalunya- ConsellCatala de l’ Esport Barcelona ES Partner
6 Inter College Aalborg ES Partner
7 CJD Frechen DK Partner

Newsletter 05/2019